How to personalise your new-build home

There are lots of benefits to choosing a new-build home – higher energy efficiency, brand-new fittings, top-of-the-range onsite facilities, the list goes on. But how do you make the space your own in an ultra-modern flat where much of a block’s interiors are uniform?

HomeViews founder, Rory Cramer, recently featured in an article by The Telegraph’s Arabella Youens, talking about how he personalised the space in his Queen’s Park flat. Here’s a snapshot of the feature, followed by some top tips on how to make your new-build unique to you…

Rory and his wife Bella, photographed for The Telegraph in their Queen’s Park flat

“The developer [Londonewcastle] has a reputation of being more design-led than others, and we were drawn to aspects such as the exteriors, which are clad in brick, wood and zinc. But even so, when we moved into the flat it was all square and straight lines, so we immediately set about finding a way to put our mark on the place.”

Colour, texture and handmade elements all help to soften the hard edges of the rooms. Then we added lots of art and sculptures to help break up the spaces.” – Rory on making his Queen’s Park flat feel like home

You can read the full article here.

HomeViews’ top tips for giving your new-build character

1. Have fun with colour

Typically, new-build homes are designed in please-all neutrals. But that’s not to say you can’t add your own colour scheme – even if you’re renting and a repaint is out of the question. Opt for the same bold hue using soft furnishings or accessories for a splash of colour in each room, or go for a mish-mash of shades for an eclectic aesthetic.

2. Inject personality with accessories

Rory & Bella have accessorised the walls in their Queen’s Park flat

Well-chosen artworks, antique pieces, ornaments from travels – all of these can combine to make your flat as unique as you are.  Fresh flowers and plants breathe life into a new-build, too. And there are great faux ones out there now if you don’t want the upkeep.

3. Create texture

Soft furnishings are a great way of adding texture to your space. If you haven’t had a say in the flooring, look to patterned rugs to individualise. Chunky throws and cushions in different fabrics and patterns are also really effective and offset straight lines.

4. Layer lighting

Lots of new-builds are decked out with spotlights or downlights. These are practical and tidy, but it’s worth playing with lighting styles. Low-hanging dining table lighting, side lamps and standing lamps of varying heights will all add depth and interest to your rooms.

5. Go for storage pieces with design kudos

You can find storage pieces that are both useful and work as statement pieces. Scour your local antique shop for a trunk that could work as a coffee table, or opt for freestanding shelving that can display key items but also works as a room separator.

6. Have a say at build stage

Some professional landlords let you have a say in the décor. This could be choosing from a selection of finishes, or opting for a flat that’s furnished. Tipi has recently partnered with John Lewis to offer stylish sets to those happy to pay a premium in its Build to Rent developments, while Apt Living worked with Habitat to get the look and feel of the homes at Apt Gunnersbury Park just right.

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