Download our free whitepaper on Build to Rent

Download our free whitepaper on Build to Rent

Last month, we attended the UKAA Innovation Show to share initial findings from our 2019 study into reviewer data. These findings are taken from our very first industry whitepaper, which focuses on how Build to Rent – a new, emerging residential offering in the UK – is transforming the rental experience.

How did we do it?

Last year, for the very first time, we invited residents of London developments to submit reviews to the HomeViews site. We sourced content in a number of different ways, from social media advertising to residents’ group outreach, and all this activity resulted in hundreds of reviews from owners, BTS (Build to Sell) tenants and BTR (Build to Rent) tenants.

We delved deep into the data, looking at tenants’ perceptions of building management and landlord service, and compared HomeViews ratings across Design, Location, Lifestyle and Value.

Where to find the report

Not only does the report make for interesting reading for the property industry, but it demonstrates our mission – to provide prospective residents with valuable, trustworthy insights. Whether it’s a holiday, a restaurant or a new mobile phone, consumers rely on reviews more than ever before to aid with decision making, and it’s no different for renters and buyers looking for their next home.

Download the report here.