8 things you wish you’d known before you moved

8 things you wish you’d known before you moved

One thing you won’t find in a development’s glossy marketing brochure, is something the current residents wish they’d known before they moved in. And that’s exactly what we ask all residents to share when they leave a review on the HomeViews site. It provides some fascinating and helpful insights. Here’s just a handful…


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1. Your relationship with the developer might change after you’ve moved 

Reading reviews on HomeViews is a good way to research this. Peter, a verified owner at Putney Rise wrote…

“I imagine this isn’t specific to Barratt’s, but developers in general – but don’t treat the developer like they’re the one doing you a favour. You are well within your right to be on their case with requests – updates on timelines, anything you’re not happy about when moving in (e.g. any snags etc), follow-up on things that are not delivered etc. Do not be apologetic, and if you’re not getting what you need from the build representative. Escalate it before it’s too late and becomes yesterday’s news.”

2. Think about the layout and practicality of the estate and how that could impact your daily life

“The estate is large, so one needs to assess the distance to the E&C Underground station and be comfortable with that.” Elephant Park, Verified Owner

“The concierge desk is a good 5 minute walk away (from Spinnaker) meaning collecting packages involves a 15 minute round trip, which is not ideal if you are a busy professional arriving home late most evenings, and they don’t drop off packages to your apartment.” Battersea Reach, Verified Tenant

“In previous developments we have been able to rent storage space in the basement, and we could really do with that here as we have ended up using my daughter’s bathroom as storage space, which is a bit of a shame.” Fulham Reach, Laura a Verified Tenant

3. If it’s a dev in construction, you must understand the timetable to deliver the services and facilities 

“I wish I had known the completion dates of the local facilities (e.g. Sainsbury, post room etc) as they were not present when I moved in.” Royal Wharf, Ewa a Verified Tenant

4. Some developments end up a long way behind schedule

“We have bought in phase 3 but the completion of this phase has been delayed by 2 years since the date we were told when we purchased (from 2017 until 2019). The lack of communication from the developers has been frustrating and this length of delay is not something we had appreciated could happen when we bought.” London City Island, Gemma a Verified Owner

5. Well-conceived new-build developments can work for everyone

“Highly recommend it for pretty much all ages – parents with young children as well as students! Fits the criteria for all.” Lillie Square, Polly a Verified Tenant

6. It’s the little things!

“That they come to your door and collect the rubbish between 7-10am and 7-10pm every day.” Pan Peninsula, Helena a Verified Owner

7. The best way to really know about a building is to ask the residents

“Very sound proof! I didn’t know the neighbours had a baby until it was almost 4 months old as I could never hear the crying.” Fizzy Stepney Green, Verified Tenant

8. Developers can deliver on their promises!

“It is better than I expected! I worried that the facilities would be over crowded by they really are not. I was also concerned that as it was on a quite busy road and set back from the river it would lack the ‘beauty’ of some other developments but it has so many internal views and aspects. Love it.” Embassy Gardens, JK a Tenant

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