5 great reasons to write a review

5 great reasons to write a review

We trust and value reviews sites and they influence the decisions we make about products or services we are considering. Your review will help someone considering one of the biggest decisions of their lives – where to live. On average it takes someone about 5 minutes to add their review on HomeViews – below are some reasons why we ask you to spare the time and share your view.

5 Great Reasons to Write a Review

1. Help others

Have you visited a review site to read reviews about a hotel, restaurant or service you were interested in? Just as you found this valuable your insights on what it is truly like to live in your development will greatly benefit others considering living there. You have a unique perspective, beyond what can be found in the marketing brochures, and it is your insights and ratings that will be most valued and trusted by prospective residents.

2. Be heard

Review websites have been empowering the consumer over the last ten years – giving those on the receiving end of a product or service the opportunity to express and share their opinion. HomeViews is offering residents the opportunity to share their opinion on one of their most important financial outgoing’s and influences on their well being – their home.

3. Add your voice to your community

Do you agree with your neighbours views on HomeViews? Support their feedback with your own review or if you feel differently have your say. For those considering joining your community the more voices they can hear from gives them a greater insight into what it is truly like to be part of the community they are considering.

4. Give feedback

Research shows that people are more likely to write a review when they have had an ‘extreme’ experience – whether that be positive or negative. If you want to get the attention of your developer or your building management then writing a review is a means of giving visible feedback.

Your developer or management will be made aware of reviews posted and given the opportunity to respond. This is a great way to share ideas for improvement or simply to say thank you! You can post anonymously.

5. Be recognised 

Some people like to write reviews for public recognition of their opinions however HomeViews also gives the opportunity for your development, developer or building management to be recognised. Much like hotel or restaurant review sites residential developments will now be awarded ratings and customer awards based on the reviews of their residents. Do you believe you are living in an award winning development?

It only takes 5 minutes to share your view! Get Started