Find out why we’re still in “Beta”

Find out why we’re still in “Beta”

Firstly welcome to HomeViews! It is our mission to provide you with trusted, valued insights on what it is like to live in a residential development. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback so please get in touch via

You may have noticed that our logo has BETA next to it, this is because we are in our testing phase of launch. The website is open and we are inviting members to join our community whilst we continue to collect reviews on our listed developments and get ready to publish our guide to the best residential developments in London.

During our BETA phase we are busy collecting lots of valued reviews by inviting residents and property professionals to share their insights on HomeViews. This will then enable us to create league tables and comparison data on developments within an area and on developers to provide those looking for a new home with the best information.

Add your review to HomeViews

Do you live within a residential development or have friends that do? Please add a review on your development and invite friends and neighbours to share their view. If you can’t find your development then let us know by submitting a new development and we can add your home to the website.

Thank you for your interest in HomeViews, we are working hard to provide a valuable platform for residents to share their insights and feedback on what is it really like to live in their development.

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